How we do it

How we do it

Both co-founders have longevity in the business.

This knowledge and experience has been used to assemble a range of products based only on the very best available. All manufactures have specific strengths. All have weaknesses (though seldom acknowledged). All have gaps in their ranges. All have limitations. IOP’s independence as a Master Wholesale Distributor gives it a unique capability to combine the strengths of a discrete number of strategic manufacturing partners and eliminate the weaknesses. In this way, the IOP range is optimised. It is underpinned by exclusive agreements and/or strategic partnerships with leading global manufacturers.


Flexibility is the new differentiator. As an independent player IOP will adapt and respond to your needs. Unlike larger players, we do not accept embedded organisational systems and processes that constrain flexibility and impede fast decision making and execution.


IOP is well funded meaning it can invest in inventory. We are strategically located in The Netherlands served by the world class seaport of Rotterdam and a modern network of roads and highways providing access to 160 million consumers within 24 hours.

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