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3D Printers & Supplies

New Revenue Streams

For those Resellers with contacts in the Education Segment, IOP has partnered with Robox to offer you a complete package for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities. 3D is changing the way the world works. Unless our Education Systems deliver more Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians, we will not have enough Knowledge Workers to sustain our economies 15 years from now. As a result, Governments around the world are focussing sharply on STEM Educational Programmes and are making funding available. These target students as young as 8 years. IOP has award winning hardware, software, supplies and training to help you take advantage of this market which is taking off NOW. To address these, IOP has formed a Strategic Partnership with CEL to offer Robox – the 3D printer of choice in schools, colleges and universities thanks to its award-winning user experience, enhanced safety features, unobtrusive and portable design, premium quality and low total ownership cost.

This learning tool comes complete with an Education Starter Pack and is literally plug and play. IOP also offers a full range of supplies for Robox, and indeed for all other OEMs, should you encounter an existing installed base.

Contact us at info@iopbv.com for more information